The King of Ski Waxes Since 1952
The first ever product made by Rex was the official fuel cell for the Olympic torch in 1952 Helsinki Olympics. Since then, it has been our mission to produce chemical products for sports at the highest level.

Rex is one of the leading ski wax manufacturers and it is working continuously together with the worlds best nordic ski teams in developing new products.

Rex is known worldwide for its high-end waxes and glide coatings that are widely used in XC skiing world cup among all National Teams. Established in 1952, Rex has a continuous history for almost 70 years in ski wax manufacturing. Our production plant is located in Hartola, Finland.

Rex is a privately owned family business with generations-deep roots in the Finnish nordic sports industry.

Continuous research and development in a changing world of skiing
The way we wax our skis has changed a lot during the recent years, as liquid glide waxes have in many cases replaced traditional hot waxing. In this time of liquid glide wax revolution we have been on the leading edge and renewing our product range at a faster pace than ever. Rex Spray Gliders and Glide Cleaner have become very popular, and changed how racers and casual skiers take care of their skis.

Glide waxing in racing skiing is under big changes, and Rex is ready with its new N-Kinetic fluor-free product range that has already proven it performance in FIS World Cup races against current fluoro powders. For the season 2020/2021 Rex offers a complete range of glide products with both Future Fuor technology that fulfills the latest EU and EPA regulations, and also a complete range of N-Kinetic gliders that in many cases replace the performance of fluorinated coatings.

Skin skis have brought many new people to the ski tracks, and the Rex ski care range offers all the needed products for skin skis. We have not forgotten racers who rely on kick waxes either, as our new N-Line grip wax range has been welcomed by world's best national XC ski teams.

Now also for cyclists
Our bicycle products range was launched in 2015. It has already established a good market position and reputation in Finland, and is expanding to many countries around the world. With a new kind of approach and utilization of racing ski wax raw materials, our chain lubes have become a a favourite among many national champions, elite level athletes and die-hard cyclists. Focusing on high-end lubricants has proven to be succesful, as Rex is on the leading edge of ultra-low friction chain lubricants with Black Diamond chain lube, a chain lube that has been proven to be the most efficient lubricant in independent testing. The rapidly growing "Rex Bike Division" has opened new doors for Rex in new countries and continents.


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